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Hiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law

JANET JACKSON'S recent display of her bare breast at Super Bowl halftime, the trials of Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart, and the public debates over gay marriage and the sexual abuse Of children by Catholic clergy.


Cable Ops Hit Hard By Ice Storms

David Auger was in Florida when he first heard the news. An ice storm had wreaked havoc across the Carolinas. Early the next morning Auger, president of Time Warner Cable's Charlotte division.


Ice fishing: winter safety

Picture this: A misty white view of frozen Canandaigua Lake accompanied by the cold chill of a winter morning. The snow-covered ice makes an eerie crunch noise beneath each step.


News from the Wild

The seemingly endless winter has built up an irresistible urge to fish, a desperate pressure that has pushed us beyond reason. With every instinct shouting, "Don't go, you fool!" we go.


ABATEMENT OF GROUND WATER PHOSPHATE IN GIANT CANE AND FOREST RIPARIAN BUFFERS1 Forest and grass riparian buffers have been shown to be effective best management practices for controlling nonpoint source pollution. However, little research has been conducted on giant cane [Arundinaria gigantea (Walt. Muhl.)


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CVS Corporation

CVS Corporation and Hypercom Team to Help Speed Recovery of Missing ChildrenA pilot at four CVS pharmacies in Chicago is planned next month during which images and vital information.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts - growing human organs from human cellsTHE HUMAN BODY IS AN INFURIATING MIX OF fallibility and intolerance. When vital organs wear out and break down.

Gentlemen, start your ice

Gentlemen, start your ice augers!If you live in the northern half of the United States, winter often means icefishing or no fishing.

Saving Fred

Saving Fred: what family practice means to medicineIt is legend now, that Christmas Eve of 1985. I was just a rookie on the medical staff; Fred was 73 years old and not long retired.

Ardent anglers take note

Ardent anglers take note: Ice fishing is in full gearWhich means, of course, ice fishing is in full gear for those ardent anglers who fear neither.