History Of Backgammon

Many peoples have played backgammon for many years as it is a very old game. Not too many people, though, know the history of this game but I can assure you a lot of things can be very interesting if you find the time to look it up. And if you are a vivid player this information would probably interest you. Backgammon is one of the oldest games know to us that is still played today. Historians say that in Europe, it was first played somewhere in Greece but it has it's origins from the Middle East countries of Kuwait and Iraq. Backgammon is almost 5000 years old.

In those times the territory that is now Kuwait and Iraq has been populated by the Sumerians who had a very strong culture. Some of their greatest creations are the wheel and the math system. They are also considered by historians the creators of the first written language. The Sumerians designed the first version of the backgammon board and also came up with the pieces used for the game. Proof of this invention has been found recently by some historians.

The game was then played only by royal party or nobles but now it is for all social classes and especially for all cultures. Both the Egyptians and the Romans played the game, but it wasn't called the same in that times. They played the game in the same general purpose only that the boards were different and some of the rules.

Several centuries ago, in some societies backgammon was banned. For example in Japan the game was considered illegal. This can never happen today as the human rights are very important and the game is totally harmless. In the 1960's the popularity of backgammon had a boost. Very many people from all over the word became interested in this game and started playing it. Today because of the huge progress of electronics and computers in general we don't have to have a backgammon board to play the game.

If you have access to the Internet, then you can play backgammon with the click of a mouse. There also are electronic backgammon games that you can play when on the go, in your car at work or even at home when you don't have somebody to play with. When you play online you can play with anybody you want to and the best thing is that you don't see your opponent. And of course you gain a lot of experience that you can use when playing with your friends or family or when you participate in competitions.

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History Of Backgammon - Many peoples have played backgammon for many years as it is a very old game.