Backgammon Tricks For a Great Game

Backgammon is a game that can easily change because of the variety of moves possible at one point. If you are a rookie then some of the tips are ment to teach you how to play and other to provide you some prospect of the game's strategy and help you win. During the game try to stay focused on your moves and try to picture the next move. Don't hurry and thing twice before making a move, and always watch your opponents moves very carefully.

Try to anticipate the other player's next move and move in such a way that you don't give him any advantage. Don't try to play too aggressive. Revise your strategy and try to put your own pieces to safety rather than attacking the pieces of your opponent. The most important thing is the win not to hit off all of his pieces. If the other player gets points early in the game try sticking to him and don't let him get too much ahead. Try placing your pieces in strategic locations on the game board so that you block your opponent's moves.

This way you gain a big advantage and get very close to winning the game. Try to always have an even number of pieces on the slots so that you avoid being hit by your opponent. This way you avoid losing important points. If you are to make a decision between hitting or getting a point you should hit but only if after that you can't be hit in return.

You will take off one of his pieces and will give you an advantage. The bar point is known for giving your seven points. This is a risky position, which is why it is more valuable.

If given the choice, head over and take a four or five point because these are more secure areas, where you can't easily lose your pieces as you can in the seven position. When you roll the dice they will tell you how many pieces you can make and what moves can and can't be done. Always keep an eye on the dice and be sure that both you and your opponent move according to what they show.

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